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We Give Loans isn’t just a great resource for finding a loan, we offer great career choices too! We are currently hiring for the following position:

Wordsmith/Content Writer- Are you a writer? Can you make washing dishes sound like an epic adventure worthy of a Tolkien book? Can you clearly explain the process behind complicated things like cooking a perfect omelet? And can you do all of that while using excellent spelling and great grammar and punctuation? Our Content Editor has been looking for you.

The primary objective of the Content Writing Department is to write pieces for our website. Content Writers are assigned specific missions, which they must research and then produce original, creative, and engaging content while adhering to the guidelines provided by the Content Editor. This is a very important job, as most of our business is driven by our website.

We Give Loans offers an online pairing service for people seeking payday loans, personal loans, and small business loans. We also have a network of loan sources for personal loans for bad credit. Millions of people have used our site to be paired with the right lender and loan for their unique needs.

Do you hate commuting? Need flexible hours and an ability to work from home? That’s cool with us. We understand that you might have another job, a family to tend to, or be busy with schooling. Maybe your creativity just flows better when you’re working in your jammies and slippers. It’s okay and we won’t tell anyone about your bunny slippers. Most of our Content Writers work from remote locations and send in their work via email. All you need is the talent, internet access, an email address, and a computer with word processing software that is compatible with MS Word.

So what talents do you need? Successful candidates will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, excellent spelling and grammar, a pleasant disposition, be detail oriented, have solid problem solving and research skills, be able to take direction and criticism, possess a thorough working knowledge of website navigation, be familiar with Microsoft Word, be self-motivated, and be able to pass a background investigation.

The compensation for the Wordsmith/Content Writing position is based on piece work. Writers are paid an agreed upon per-word rate based on the length and complexity of the articles assigned. Many site articles typically require 30-45 minutes of work, and pay at least $13 per article for the shortest and easiest articles that we assign. The more competent you are, as demonstrated by the quality of your work, the more likely you are to be assigned larger, more rewarding articles at a higher pay rate. A uniquely strong growth opportunity exists with We Give Loans.

To apply for this position, you should submit a résumé and a writing sample. We do not want a cover letter or a bunch of links to blog pieces. We want you to tell us about yourself in 350 to 400 words, and email your sample and résumé to Be sure to use the subject line “Salute!” so that our Comma Commander… er, Content Editor, knows you’re not a spammer and that you are interested in joining our “Army” of Content Writers. The Commander has an itchy delete finger and tends to deploy missiles on suspected spam and applicants that don’t follow directions.

One More Thing

Have questions about this position? Email them to

Don't have a résumé? Make one. It will be a positive experience for you. There are resources out there. Find them and use them. Being resourceful is a big part of this job, as is the ability to write clearly and according to a format. Show us your skills!