Harrisonburg, Virginia Personal Loan Companies

F & M Bank F & M Bank
80 Cross Keys Road
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 433-7575
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Lendmark Financial Lendmark Financial
1866 East Market Street Suite B
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 908-3179
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
Mariner Finance Mariner Finance
1790 East Market Street Suite 86
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 433-1799
Hours: M 9am-5pm, T 9am-7pm, W-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-5:30pm, S-Sn Closed
OneMain Financial OneMain Financial
2035 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 433-8194
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Springleaf Financial Springleaf Financial
1790 East Market Street Suite 152
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 432-8283
Hours: M 9am-5pm, T 9am-7pm, W-F 9am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
SunTrust Bank SunTrust Bank
1300 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 282-6902
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S 9am-12pm, Sn Closed
Union Bank & Trust Union Bank & Trust
440 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 432-1777
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank
141 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA   22801
(540) 564-5200
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Harrisonburg, VA
$500 to $5,000 - Credit Score Less Than 650

Loans Available in the Following Harrisonburg, VA Zip Codes:

22801, 22802, 22803, 22807

When Cash Runs Short in Harrisonburg, We Give Loans

Image of Harrisonburg, Virginia When you're making some major changes in your life that require extra cash, but your checkbook is hovering dangerously close to being in the red, an unsecured loan can provide the funding that you need in order to move forward. But there are so many types of lending programs out there in Virginia, how do you know where to go for the signature loan that you need?

You're excited about your relocation to Harrisonburg and can't wait to get all the myriad details settled that are associated with your move so that you can move forward with your new life here. Moving from the Midwest to Virginia has been a long time in coming, it seems, and you know it's going to be wonderful. But the move creates a lot of issues that cost money, and your cash reserves are a bit low at the moment. You're hoping you can find a good deal on a loan to help cover some of those one-time moving expenses.

First there are your housing costs. You've found a nice apartment to rent and use as a home base on John Tyler Circle while you look for something more permanent. That's going to require a deposit of your first and last month's rent before you can move in. Then you'll need to have your electricity hooked up by Dominion Virginia Power and call Time Warner Cable to order their TV, internet and home phone bundle. There are several furnishings and other supplies that you'll need in order to be comfortable there, so you'll need some cash for all of those things.

Then there are your vehicle and license fees. You'll have to go to the Harrisonburg DMV to get your picture taken (that always comes out awful!), transfer your driver's license, and register your car in Virginia. There are fees to do those things, of course. You're also told that the City of Harrisonburg levies a personal property tax on all tangible personal property kept in the City, including vehicles, so you'll have to contact the Harrisonburg City Treasurer to find out how much that will be. And you'll have to get your car inspected, of course. You've already planned ahead for that and scheduled an appointment at Jerry's Automotive Center on Cross Keys Road, wherever that is, to have that done. You know already that you're going to need new front brakes for your car to pass, so you have to plan for that.

As overwhelming as all the details can be, it's a very exciting time for you. Your only problem will be coming up with the initial money you'll need for your move to The Friendly City. Where can you go in Harrisonburg, VA for the personal loan that will allow you to make this all happen?

When you’re picturing a brighter future or a big change, we can help you make it happen. We Give Loans has access to 12,778 loan sources that may offer you a personal loan of up to $35,000 to help finance whatever it is you have in mind. Whether you want to remodel your home, make a large purchase like a boat or RV, are planning a wedding or dream vacation, or even if you would simply like to consolidate your debt into one monthly payment, a signature loan would be great for that. The loan sources that we work with offer a variety of repayment options to help meet your needs and budget, with terms that vary from 6 to 72 months.

Our no cost, no obligation pairing process has helped over 2 million customers since 2006 find the right loans from the right sources for their needs, and we want to help you. Apply now by completing our short, secure form and we can get started on pairing you with a signature loan lender or loan source that is willing to help you make your dreams become reality. Whether you have average credit, good credit or perfect credit, loan sources in our network can act fast to get you cash- often with approvals in minutes and funds in 1 to 72 business hours. Don’t put your imagination to rest, make it happen now!

Head down to the post office and fill out your change of address card. Thanks to We Give Loans and their work to match you with a suitable lender, you should be in your new home in almost no time at all!

Virginia Financial Counseling Information

If you feel that you may benefit from the services of a financial counselor, National Debt Relief - Whom Offers a Free Savings Estimate is a leading provider of financial counseling services for the Harrisonburg area.