Iowa Personal Loan Laws and Regulations in (IA)

(last updated 11/13/2019)
536.1 Title — license required. 536.2 Application — fees. 536.3 Bond. 536.4 Grant or refusal of license. 536.5 License — form — posting. 536.6 Additional bond — available assets. 536.7 Separate license — change of name or place of business. 536.7A Change in control — approval. 536.8 Annual fee — payment. 536.9 Disciplinary action. 536.10 Examination of business — fee. 536.11 Records — annual report by licensee. 536.12 Restrictions on practices. 536.13 Loan classifications, interest rates, and charges — report, penalty, and consumer credit code applicability. 536.14 Rights of borrower — payments. 536.15 Limitation on principal amount. 536.16 Nonresident licensees — face-to-face solicitation. 536.17 and 536.18 Reserved. 536.19 Violations. 536.20 Nonapplicability of statute. 536.21 Rules. 536.22 Assistants. 536.23 Judicial review. 536.24 List of licensees by banking superintendent. 536.25 Statement of indebtedness of borrower. Repealed by 2006 Acts, ch 1042, §42. 536.26 Insured loans. 536.27 Insurance related to property of borrower. 536.28 Definitions. 536.29 Enforcement of Iowa consumer credit code. 536.30 Powers and duties of the superintendent — nationwide system.
This information is for informational purposes only. Although care has been taken to accurately describe the laws and regulations in Iowa, no guarantees are implied or expressed about its accuracy. This is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney or the Iowa Division of Banking Finance Bureau.
The following classes of lending organizations may be exempt from some, all, or none of the regulations and laws set by the state of Iowa. Federally chartered banks, state chartered banks, credit unions and some entities organized under the laws of a sovereign nation (for Example) a Native American Tribe or the country of Antigua.

Iowa Personal Lending Regulator (IA)

Regulating Authority
Iowa Division of Banking Finance Bureau
200 East Grand Avenue
Suite 300
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 281-4014

Agency for Handling Complaints
Iowa Division of Banking
200 East Grand Avenue
Suite 300
Des Moines , IA 50309-1827
(515) 281-4014


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