Redmond, Oregon Personal Loan Companies

Bank of the Cascades Bank of the Cascades
154 Southwest 6th Street
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 504-2200
Hours: M-F 9am-5:30pm, S-Sn Closed
Equitable Finance Company Equitable Finance Company
436 West Antler Avenue
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 548-9117
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5:30pm, S 10am-2pm, Sn Closed
Mid Oregon Credit Union Mid Oregon Credit Union
2625 Southwest 17th Place
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 382-1795
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Northwest Community Credit Union Northwest Community Credit Union
3835 Southwest 21st Place
Redmond, OR   97756
(800) 452-9515
Hours: M-Th 9am-5:30pm, F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
OnPoint Community Credit Union OnPoint Community Credit Union
1380 Southwest Canal Boulevard Suite 105
Redmond, OR   97756
(503) 228-7077
Hours: M-Th 9am-5:30pm, F 9am-6pm, S 9am-1pm, Sn Closed
SELCO Community Credit Union SELCO Community Credit Union
825 Southwest 17th Street
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 312-1859
Hours: M-Th 9:30am-5:30pm, F 9:30am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Umpqua Bank Umpqua Bank
948 Southwest Veterans Way
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 604-3011
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank
617 Southwest 6th Street
Redmond, OR   97756
(541) 548-4595
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, S 10am-2pm, Sn Closed

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Redmond, OR
$500 to $5,000 - Credit Score Less Than 650

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When Cash Runs Short in Redmond, We Give Loans

Image of Redmond, Oregon Winter can be really great in Redmond, especially if you enjoy skating at the Downtown Ice Rink. However, some people have a hard time enjoying this time of year because they are too busy worrying about their financial situation. It’s easy to see why. Just look at things like the cost of heat and the higher amount of electricity we all use. Most of us are only one bad day away from a complete financial mess. Maybe after a day of ice skating, you get a phone call as you’re driving past Diego’s Spirit Kitchen. Your water heater is broken and you need a new one right away. How are you going to pull that off this time of year? Your budget is tight enough and this may cause it to snap!

We Give Loans can help by pairing you with one or more of the personal loan and cash advance loan sources we work with, based on your unique needs. Since we work with over 1,120 lenders and loan sources, we have options for nearly everyone- including people with bad credit or no credit. Once approved for a loan from one of the sources in our network, you may be able to get your funds in as little as 24 hours, sometimes even faster! Since 2006, we’ve helped millions of people get the money they needed and more people choose us every day. Getting started is simple- just take a moment to complete our short, secure and simple form online. There is no cost or obligation, so apply now!

Oregon Financial Counseling Information

If you feel that you may benefit from the services of a financial counselor, Care One Credit is a leading provider of financial counseling services for the Redmond area.